PlayNation of WNC Installation Policies

Thank you for choosing to purchase your play set from PlayNation of WNC. For safety reasons, children should not play in the work area while the playset is being installed or on the unit until the installation is complete. The safety of your children is our #1 concern

To help us ensure your play set is properly installed without delay, please do the following

• Have someone home at the time of the installation to ensure proper placement. PlayNation is NOT responsible for moving a play set after the unit has been installed.

• Have the area level and clear of debris. If for any reason your site is not prepared when the installer arrives, there will be a $50.00 return trip charge plus mileage, if applicable.

• Site should also include Fall Zone. Fall Zone = Swing set footprint and safety clearance.

• We love our pets too, but please clear animal waste from the area where our installers are working.

• Please give us 72 hour notice to reschedule your installation. Less than 72 hour notice may result in a $50.00 rescheduling fee.

• While we make every effort to have all items in stock, occasionally an item may be on back order. Payment is required on all delivered items, delivery, and installation.

• Please be aware that inclement weather may delay your installation. Your installation will be rescheduled to the earliest possible time.

• We have a 25 mile delivery radius from our showroom: anywhere outside of that you will be charged a $2.00 per mile one direction.

• Digging. It is the responsibility of the homeowner (client) to make sure there are not any utility lines underground. PlayNation of WNC is not responsible for any damage to underground utilities. (Including low voltage and sprinkler lines)

• Extra charges may apply for rocks, roots, stumps, or concrete found below the surface while

We appreciate your assistance in making your installation go smoothly.