Daves Hopper

$27,168.00 $21,734.00

Product Specifications

Model# PNWNC001

Child Capacity:  32 – 40

Age Range:  2 to 12 Years

Post Diameter:  5 inch posts

Safety Zone:  46’10” x 33’10”


Daves Hopper

Daves Hopper Playground is the perfect mixture of modern design and nature.  This playground features 2 slides from a 6ft high deck and 1 slide from a 4ft high deck.  5 climbers including a leaf climber, spider web net climber, lotus climbers, cork screw climber and log stump climber with separate log stump pod steppers leading to the set.  Giving it a bit more flare are the sail pole toppers on the upper deck.  Also this playground features a rain wheel, bongo drum and bench seat underneath.  If your looking for a nature themed playground with a twist look no further than this Custom Playground.